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The Bentheim-Tecklenburg family today
Prince Maximilian, Princess Marissa and Moritz
After the tragic fatal accident of his eldest brother Christoph (1966-1987), Maximilian (born 1969), the youngest of three brothers, has been in charge of the administration since 1999.

Marissa and Maximilian

The hereditary prince, who as an undergraduate at the university of Cambridge and post-graduate at the London School of Economics specialised in economics with the secondary subject of art history, is devoted along with his wife Marissa to furthering the access to the public of the princely inheritance.  As a graduate in theology from Oxford university and a post-graduate in art history at the Courtauld Institute in London, Princess Marissa (née Fortescue and granddaughter of the late Earl Fortescue) actively supports the reorganisation of the castles and gardens. 

Gardens are for the prince and the princess especially important.  Together with local interest representatives and with local government support they have undertaken to restore monastery gardens in Clarholz and Herzebrock.  Concerning future of the garden and museum at Schloss Hohenlimburg, a development plan with the help of international experts is presently under way which within the next year will be put into practice.  The baroque terrace garden of the fortress Hohenlimburg has already been partly restored.

Rheda castle is also being developed for the public benefit.  In the Gartenhaus in the castle gardens, the princess has opened a café where products she has chosen are for sale.  At weekends, the general public and tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the castle garden while sitting in the café.  Tours of the castle and grounds without prior booking have also been recently introduced.  In 2001 the Berlin Barocksolisten gave their first concert at Rheda castle on the occasion of the publication of a CD by EMI Classics with pieces by Telemann from the princely archive. 

The Prince takes his responsibility of the upkeep of the listed buildings very seriously.  Through the restoration of the Wesser Renaissance façade of Rheda castle in 2001, the important building was protected for the benefit and the enjoyment of the public.  The princely administration has a staff of workmen who are responsible for the regular repairs incurred, restoration and redevelopment work of the buildings.  The Prince finances through private means the high expense of the sustained maintenance and preservation of his historical inheritance.  An efficient property administration and forestry in Rheda and Hohenlimburg support the cultural activities of the princely family.  The visitors of the castle areas enjoy the results of private initiative of the princely house, which over centuries has been committed to a tradition of public interest.



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